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Barty Club NYC 2009

Sunday – Friday: 9pm – 1am

The NYC Conference Committee had a vision to bring the Barty Room to another level this year.  We did two things to achieve this…we upgraded the ambiance and focused on providing top programming each night.  In a room with high ceilings and big windows that avail us to a spectacular view of the city will help set the mood each night.  The Barty Room will provide a loungy, wine bar atmosphere with cocktails and hor d'eovres all night. 


Karaoke:  Bring out the American Idol in you with Karaoke night. 


Comedy:  Nobody is safe from a little ribbing on comedy night.  Headlining this night will be the hysterical John Pizzi.  Pizzi has performed previously for LPA at District 2’s 2007 spring regional.  LPA member and funny man Nic Novicki will host this night of comedy.  Along with Pizzi, Novicki will provide his own cast of characters who worked the comedy scene in Manhattan during Nic's stand up years in NYC. 


Little Big Band:  Comprised of LP’s and doctors, Little Big Band is one of a kind.  They’ve graced LPA conference after conference and we are proud to have them perform in Brooklyn this year. 


Jazz:  The lights dim while we sit back and enjoy a night of cool, smooth Jazz . Come sit down, relax, grab a class of pinot if you may, and you might just catch a little Miles Davis.


Industry Night:  Local dj’s and dancers will turn the Barty Club into a real NYC lounge.  The atmosphere will be set by local folks who know how to make IT happen.


Say Goodbye to New York, New York:  Hosted by a DJ, Friday night in the Barty Club will be a more low-key atmosphere for everyone to congregate before leaving conference. 

Registration is required for Barty Club…Come be a part of a great aspect of the NYC Conference. 

Got Questions? Email info@lpanyc2009.org or call (631) 752-3105
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