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Michael Lee Goggin

Michael Lee Goggin was born with an obvious disability of being short in stature. In reality he has become a survivor of much more than that through his accomplishments in the arts. Goggin was born with NO hip sockets and is walking today because of modern technology. He was the first teen American to receive total hip replacements. Today he still has an original hip over thirty years. Goggin is now sighted only because of medical technology and is a survivor of being blind three times in his life. He is one who believes that stem cell research is the wave of the future and will follow suit soon.

Michael Goggin is known for his abilities as an actor with over 25 feature films with featuring, guest starring and starriing roles. He has over 25 guest starring roles in television roles not including an additional number of guest appearances for television Talk Shows. Those who really know Michael Lee Goggin, know him as loving and performing music first. He is an accomplished musician/composer. He performs on Taylor Guitars, Piano and vocals. There are a variety of music artists that work with Michael for his ability to bring music sessions together, "Leave The Ego Out of Room," Attitude. He has mentioned that Taylor Guitars went out of their way to assist him in finding the right guitars to fit and contour his body for performing his music.


Michaela Kuzia

Michaela Kuzia comes from a small town nestled within the Berkshire Hills. She grew up studying classical piano which during moments of being sick of the studying she would make up her own sounds, and sing along. She eventually graudated to opening the age old fake book that had remained in the corner of her living room for years and using the words of the tune, she would make up her own melodies.

After taking a bit of a hiatus from her studying, she began to play around town at the open mic nights, and became a regular with the crowds. She then realized that she needed to become more versatile and knowledgeable of the art of song-writing, and to that she would need to go to the Berklee College of Music. she got accepted into the program, and really studied the art of song-writing. After graduating, Michaela took an internship with a music publishing company called Heavy Hitters, and expanded her knowledge of Music publishing for film and television. she is now in the studio, recording her first album. "The material in this album is really fresh, it's like nothing I've ever written before, and I took many rishks, but hey it's who I am" - MK.

You can visit her on her webpage

Jon Michael Ogletree 

John Michael Ogletree is a true lover of music. At an early age, Jon Michael began climbing up on the piano bench in his living room and sounding out chords. His love of music continued to grown when he was enrolled in the Samford University Music Prepatory program. He continued his lessons there from the age of four until th age of thirteen.

To read more, go to his website.

Duke Mason

A truly multi talented and exciting performer, Duke sings, plays guitar, keeyboard, bass and drums. Duke Mason comes from a singing family. He began singing in personal appearances with his family when he was only 4 years old. In September of 1995, The New York Times Magazine said, " Duke Mason rocked the house....", and, " I found myself genuinely moved by the way he (Duke) took the stage and transformed himself into a giant. " Beginning in January 2000, Duke became healiner and also musical director at the historic Main Street Music Theatre in Webb City, Missouri. He produced and arranged a weekly 2-hour variety show. Duke led THE HEARTLAND BAND, a cast of 7 talented performers and musicians, in a high-energy stage show that was completely differenct every week!.

For more detail please visit his website.

Shawn Brush

Guitarist: Folk

Early on in life Shawn was inspired by such greats as Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, John Prine and bluegrass legend Bill Monroe. He began playing the guitar at age 14. Not long after, while taking part in a local bluegrass jam, Shawn found himself profoundly moved. He felt something had changed in him forever.

For details, please visit his website.

Gary Parker

" In recent years, Gary's work with Little People of America (LPA) coupled with his own deep feelings toward the dwarfism community have motivated him to create the #1dwarfism photography site in the world. A site which has positvely impacted the lives of many little people families worldwide, as well as many of the average stature who have found the portraits a source of inspiration, education and delight.

To learn more, please visit his website.

Ray Lecara Jr.

Ray is an educator, novelist, member and supporter of the LPA. A portion fo the proceeds from his latest book, "The Torn Timeline" will be donated to support the 2009 LPA Convention in New York City.

To order his latest book, please visit his website.

Victory Entertainment will be providing our DJ services.

Knoah's (ARC) Achondroplasia Resource Center

The website is dedicated to sharing our experiences raising a child with Achondroplasia and to provide parent's with information relating to their child diagnoses. We currently have over 40 blogs relating to several dwarfing condition and they are all written by parent's.

Knoah's (ARC) Achondroplasia Resource Center started in December 2006 as What is Normal? As the blog grew and expanded so did the network of people interested in following the families in daily life. 

Telepan Restaurant

"To convey a sense of bucolic earthiness, the restaurant’s menu is patterned with oak leaves, and the walls of the rooms are colored in a soothing, mossy green."  -  New  York  Magazine


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