LPA Musical Revue Night @ the

2009 National Conference in Brooklyn, NY


            Our vision of this event is to display the wonderful talents of our professional musicians in LPA.  An event put on by Little People, for Little People, and show casing Little People talent.  Our musical revue will be headlined by Michael Gogin, a longtime member and friend of LPA who has been a big supporter of the performing arts for the organization. 

            The event will take place from 7PM – 10PM on Tuesday July 7th, 2009 in the main ballroom at LPA’s National Conference at our Host hotel, Brooklyn Marriott.

            This event will encompass a medley of individual performances put together in part by Gogin, who’s genres and expertise range from gospel, to Christian, to a wonderful singer/songwriter who plays the piano, back to country, and so on. 

            After the event is over, our great DJ will take over the main ballroom, and all musicians will be welcomed to the Barty Room, where we’ll set up a jam session for them.  With the Barty Club pass, attendees will be able to go back and forth all night from our main ballroom to the Barty club that will set up for a memorable and very enjoyable evening. 

            We are promoting this event big time in the LP community because the NYC Conference committee is dedicated to supporting its professional musicians.  We encourage you to visit each our musicians’ individual pages and enjoy their music.  Buy their cd’s, bring their music into your life and familiarize yourself with these wonderful tunes.  Supporting them is a way of supporting LPA because most of them have agreed to donate proceeds of their cd sales back to the LPA NYC conference to divert A/V setup costs.     

            We want to set a precedent for a wonderful new event to LPA Conference starting this year in Brooklyn with the first LP Musical Revue.

You can reach me via email @ cbrown92@optonline.net

We look forward to seeing you in Brooklyn :)


Got Questions? Email info@lpanyc2009.org or call (631) 752-3105
NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS, 250 EL CAMINO REAL, SUITE 201 TUSTIN, CA 92780, Toll Free (888) LPA-2001,FAX: (714) 368-3367

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